About Us

E.A. Morgan NLC, CEC, CFL1
With over thirty years in the personal fitness training and sports coaching industry, E.A. combines his passion for fitness and his love for helping others to create a customized fitness program. E.A. was recently voted one of the top 10 personal trainers in San Francisco (SF Examiner Magazine), and has trained some of San Francisco’s most discriminating clientele. E.A. Morgan keeps current with the latest research and holistic trends with the Chek Institute, an organization committed to excellence in education and innovation in the fields of corrective exercise and high performance conditioning.

Heather Morgan MS, NLC
Heather has worked as a nutrition and lifestyle coach for the past seven years. She has taken numerous certifications in the field of nutrition, holistic healing, weight loss and lifestyle coaching, and has grown a successful practice that includes work with corporations, public lectures, coaching through various forms of media, work with celebrities, and on movie sets.


Kurtis Rissmiller

Naturally drawn to physical fitness, Kurtis discovered the CrossFit methodology in 2004 while living in Brooklyn, NY. He and a couple close friends began seeing immediate results and quickly became early adopters. As is the case with most people when they first discover CrossFit he became an annoyance to all his non-CrossFitting friends - all he would talk about is CrossFit and try to persuade them to join in the fun/pain. Fast forward to 2015 and not much has changed. Kurtis met EA while they were both at their Level 1 certification in 2011. 

Known for his creative motivational coaching techniques, he has enjoyed (nearly) every class he has led these last 4+ years with the great community that is EA’s CrossFit.


Peter “Pete” Davis, Ph.D.

Dr. Davis has had a career as a clinical psychologist and health scientist. Pete became a competitive athlete and martial artist in his teens and went forward coaching several sports and training others in martial arts and CQC. He discovered CrossFit several years ago and soon qualified for L-1 trainer’s certification. In 2015 he placed high in the masters’ qualifier just missing the Games.

He is the author of Rebuilding Superman, The Astonishing Physics of the Mind and Success in a Nutshell (A financial book for young adults).

Stephanie Grimes

Stephanie completed her CF-L1 in April 2016 and joined the coaching crew at EA's CrossFit. She has a passion for a healthy lifestyle for all ages, fitness levels, and loves working with kids. With a background in coaching youth sports, she knows the importance of keeping kids active. She became a Certified CrossFit Kids Coach and works with kids and teens to ensure that we are keeping them healthy while having fun. In the adult classes, she likes to throw in the occasional "kids games" for warm ups. But don't think she is a soft kids Coach. She loves pushing people to their true potential so they can see how strong and awesome they really are.

Laura Lee Cole

A former cheerleader and U.S. Marine, Coach Laura can often be found studying and perfecting Olympic weightlifting technique, telling members how awesomely amazing they are, or tossing about an atlas stone or three. Our only certified CrossFit Strongman trainer, her greatest passion is to move heavy, awkward things as quickly as possible, which comes in handy as the only parent of four equally active kids. Always keeping things fresh during warm-ups, her bouncy enthusiasm for backwards bear crawls is appreciated by most, but not Gary.

In addition to being one of our coaches, Coach Laura writes for GRID and considers herself The Lazy Paleo on Facebook. She doesn't post often.

Audrey Pratt 

With a background in gymnastics, swimming, competitive dance and long distance running, Audrey has chosen to pursue her calling in health and fitness. She strongly believes in the importance of treating our bodies to movement, stretching and strengthening on a daily basis and fueling the body with clean, nutritious, whole foods.

Audrey is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Essentrics instructor.

Selma Blanusa

Selma has been a life-long fitness enthusiast using exercise as a way to stay strong, get more from each day, remain active, reduce stress, and to ward off disease.  A long-time runner and biker, Selma has completed multiple marathons and has traveled all corners of the world taking in sites from the seat of her bicycle.  Four years ago, she discovered CrossFit at EA’s and the wonderfully supportive community which is ‘our Box’.  At CrossFit, Selma has participated in several Opens and also the NorCal Masters events.  As is her style, Selma dove into obtaining important training and certifications, including:  CrossFit L1, Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)), and TRX.  Selma’s specialty is introducing new clients to CrossFit, one-on-one personal training, goal-oriented training, and corrective exercise.  Outside of the CrossFit world, Selma is a mom of two teenagers, a technology nerd, and a big supporter of all things non-profit in our community.