The workout is different everyday.


We believe in fitness as a lifestyle. Our goal is to build a broad, general and inclusive fitness community. This program is diverse in physical skills and adaptations, our specialty is not specializing. The work out is different everyday. No boring routines, it’s exciting and challenging every time. Classes are 1 hr long including warm up, skills and the W.O.D. (Work Out of the Day).

It’s Simple

Step 1. Contact EA at 415-314-1399 to set up your free introductory workout, to see what were about and try a scaled down CrossFit style workout.

Step 2. Sign up for our Intro program, a 4 class program that will prepare you to join the regular Level 1 classes. This will consist of a warm up, stretching , basic skills and a scaled down workout. Ramp up is limited to 6 new people every two weeks. We require advance payment to guarantee your spot. After completing your Ramp Up you can attend any of the Level 1 classes.


Options for everyone.

If CrossFit isn't quite your thing, check out our Bootcamp classes. Functional movements designed to help you get stronger, fitter, and feeling better!


Personal Training

Interested in 1-on-1 training? Call us to have a program tailored to your needs.



Nutrition Coaching

Need help with weight loss, performance, improving your health? Call Heather Morgan MS, NLC to schedule your nutrition consultation.